Zelda-Like Adventure Game Tunic Resurfaces, Demo Out Next Week
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Tunic, the Zelda-like adventure starring a fox, has resurfaced at the Summer Game Fest with a new gameplay trailer and announcement of an imminent demo. The game, first revealed at E3 2017, has been absent from the public eye for a long time, making its surprise inclusion in today’s event a welcome one.

The gameplay demo is brief but does show off some of the improvements the game has undergone since last it was shown off. Tunic is an isometric adventure game with elements familiar to classic Legend of Zelda titles, meaning you’ll come across an assortment of weapons all with unique abilities that help you overcome foes and solve dungeon-based puzzles. The game’s foxy protagonist is just incredibly cute, too.

Tunic is one of over 40 games that will receive demos on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S next week. There’s no indication of how long the demo will be, but it’s a slice of the game that you can use to forget about the absence of a firm release date. Also included in the demo drop is Sable, which also received a new gameplay trailer and release date at the Summer Game Fest.

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