Vin Diesel Talks About Why The Main Fast & Furious Series Is Ending
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The Fast & Furious franchise is approaching the finish line. Series star Vin Diesel told The Associated Press that the “saga” will come to an end after two more movies, though the wider “Fast and Furious cinematic universe” will go on. He also explained his reasoning for ending the series, which is something he’s been discussing since 2017.

He told the site that the final two films could release in 2023 and 2024. “Every story deserves its own ending,” he said. While the main series might be ending, Diesel said the wider F&F universe will continue in some other way. There has already been a spin-off in the form of Hobbs & Shaw, which released in 2018 and made more than $750 million at the box office.

“I know people are going to feel like it doesn’t have to end, but I think all good things should,” he said. “There are reasons for a finale. I think this franchise has deserved it.”

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