This Xbox Series S Portable Screen Will Let You Play Almost Anywhere
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The Xbox Series S is a tiny console, and if you want to take advantage of its small size with some added portability, then the xScreen peripheral might be just what you need. Launching on Kickstarter soon, the device gives you a 1080p display and integrated stereo speakers to keep your games looking and sounding sharp while you’re on the go.

Launching at an MSRP of $250 (via VGC) but available for a lower price if you back the Kickstarter, the xScreen attaches directly to the sides of the Xbox Series S system and features passthrough ports for both the power and HDMI cables, as well as the storage expansion slot if you want to keep extra games installed. A control strip on the device includes levels for the volume and brightness, as well as other screen adjustments, and at 11.6 inches, the display should be big enough to let you play comfortably if you’re at a table or in a tent–though we do suggest enjoying nature if you are camping. Don’t be a dork.

Creator Upsec Gaming recommends using two of the devices together to make for instant competitive multiplayer action if you’re playing with a friend outside your house, and with a DC-to-AC power inverter, you can also use it in a vehicle.

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