The Elden Ring Community Is A Meme-Filled Mess

Just a few days ago, The Game Awards 2020 revealed a battery of trailers for highly-anticipated games, like a new Perfect Dark, the Left 4 Dead-like Back 4 Blood, and the dreamy Open Roads. However, for some, the most notable game barely made an appearance at all. Despite receiving the Most Anticipated Game award, From Software’s latest project, Elden Ring, didn’t receive any new details or trailers, which caused the game’s community to explode in a memetic meltdown that still shows no signs of stopping.

To be clear, the Elden Ring subreddit is a surprisingly non-toxic environment compared to other video game spaces on the internet, and most of the memes and posts in the community are all in good fun. Still, there was definitely a sense of deflation in the subreddit when The Game Awards ended without an update on the game. One of the top posts all-time on the subreddit came just moments after the event ended, and it speaks for itself:

Another highly-rated post from the evening of the Game Awards shows a representation of the subreddit giving the game’s director Hidetaka Miyazaki the Most Anticipated Game award, only for Miyazaki to casually toss it behind him, a template based on Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Yet another appears to be a summoning pentagram made of the 3 previous Dark Souls games, Bloodborne, and Sekiro. Vaati, a well-known figure in the Souls community, tweeted that he is “very happy” for the Elden Ring team winning the award, joking that he “looks forward to them winning it again in 2021.”

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