Stephen King’s Killer Car Classic Christine To Get New Version From Bryan Fuller
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A new adaptation of Stephen King’s classic novel Christine is in the works. As reported by Deadline, the movie will be written and directed by Bryan Fuller.

The new version of King’s 1983 novel will be produced by Blumhouse, who are also currently shooting a new adaptation of King’s Firestarter. Fuller is best known for creating and showrunning the acclaimed shows Hannibal and Pushing Daisies, and also worked on American Gods and Star Trek: Discovery. No further details about the film have been revealed yet.

Christine is set in 1976 and focuses on a possessed 1953 Plymouth Fury, who comes into the possession of a teenager named Arnie Cunningham. Slowly, the evil within the car takes over Arnie’s personality and it starts mowing down his high school rivals and enemies. A previous movie version was released in December 1983, only a few months after the novel was published, directed by John Carpenter.

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