Starfield: What We Want At E3 2021
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Starfield feels like one of those elusive games that’s often talked about despite its low profile, and it’s hard to believe if it’s actually coming out in the near future. We’ve heard few details about this new IP from developer Bethesda Game Studios (best known for Fallout and The Elder Scrolls), seen a teaser back at E3 2018, and heard Todd Howard speak broadly about it on occasion, but we’re anticipating plenty more at this year’s E3.

Although it’s easy to think that we do the same song and dance at every major event where Bethesda has a notable presence, all signs are pointing to a relatively substantial showing for Starfield. We’ve compiled all of the current details so far in our Starfield: Everything We Know feature, but here, we’ll sum that up and get into a bit of speculation and what we wish to see from this seemingly massive sci-fi RPG at E3 2021.

What We Know So Far

We know Starfield won’t deviate too far from the developer’s wheelhouse. Todd Howard has stated in the past that this game very much has the DNA of a Bethesda game, and it’s understood to be an open-world single-player RPG, which is the team’s bread and butter. Studio director Ashley Cheng also said that the team behind Starfield are veterans of creating open-world RPGs. Yet, that’s a fairly basic canvas for Starfield’s larger picture.

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