Pocket Mortys Developer Big Pixel Studios Is Shutting Down

Big Pixel Studios, the developer behind the popular Rick & Morty mobile RPG spin-off Pocket Mortys, is shutting down. The studio, which was bought by Adult Swim in mid-2018 after making the Pokemon-like adventure, will be shuttered at the end of 2020, leaving is employees out of work.

According to a report from Gamesindustry.biz, around 40 people are affected by this closure.

Developer Laurie James announced the news on Twitter, saying that the team’s next game won’t be released. “Some hella good people here, who made something proper cool,” he said. “Unfortunately you’ll never get to play it, because capitalism.”

In a statement to Gamesindustry.biz, an Adult Swim spokesperson said that this decision was made “as part of WarnerMedia’s larger transformation,” and that the games based on their IP “will continue to be a priority” going forward.

Pocket Mortys has continued to receive updates, but it’s unclear if this will remain the case going forward.

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