OPPO patents removable camera module technology; see details

OPPO patents removable camera module technology; see details

Rumors have recently emerged that OPPO, a maker of electronic devices, is working to develop and OPPO patents removable camera module on its next smartphones. See details.

The OPPO is investing in new technology projects, such as the AR Glasses 2 and more recently the creation of a smartphone with removable module cameras. In its last event, the manufacturer did not mention the development of a cell phone with this feature, but leaked documents indicate that the company has patented the functionality and may launch it next year.

Modular smartphone

The concept of a modular cell phone was previously created by Google, the project left the paper but it didn’t work and soon fell by the wayside. Called ‘Project Ara’, the idea was to produce a fully modifiable smartphone, being possible to change the camera or storage module, for example.

It is, in fact, a great advance, but why is it not working? Well, it’s a long story. The first prototype should have been launched in 2013, but the manufacturer has postponed the arrival of the device until 2017, the year in which it said it was discontinuing the Ara Project. According to information at the time, Google claimed to be giving up removable modules because the device would bring several fixed components, such as sensors, antennas, processors, GPU, and battery, for example.

OPPO patents removable camera module technology - Project Ara modular cell phone idea
OPPO patents removable camera module technology – Project Ara modular cell phone idea

But if it didn’t work before, why try again now? Take it easy, my dear reader. Project Ara aimed at a fully customizable device, as the image above shows, making it possible to perform hardware upgrades simply and quickly, just by removing one of the modules.

What is supposedly being developed by OPPO is completely the opposite of the Google project, since although the camera module is removable it cannot be replaced by another one.


Leaked documents indicate that the Chinese manufacturer has patented the removable camera module technology. According to information, it will be possible to unplug the set and use it separately but linked to the phone via Bluetooth, thus making it possible to take photos at a distance, as long as there is a connection with the smartphone. See images:

OPPO patents removable camera module technology
OPPO patents removable camera module technology

In addition, according to the patent description, the camera module has a built-in battery and supports USB -C, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and NFC connections. The camera module has two sensors and an LED flash.

Source: Gizchina.

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