New On Disney+ In January 2021: WandaVision, More Star Wars, And Original Shows

A new year is almost upon us, and that means we’ll all spend the first few weeks accidentally writing “2020” instead of “2021” on everything. Luckily, you can distract yourself from that upcoming mistake by watching new movies, TV shows, and original programming on Disney+. Here’s what’s coming in January 2020… I mean January 2021.

Kicking off the month, another Marvel movie heads to Disney+. 2013’s The Wolverine makes its way to the service, and while 2009’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine was a bad film, the follow-up is worth checking out. The film follows Logan as he heads to Japan, loses his healing ability, and has to deal with the Yakuza. And the best part is… no “Deadpool.”

On January 15, everyone will be tuning into Disney+ to check out the first episode of the MCU’s newest series WandaVision. There haven’t been details for individual episodes, but the series will follow Scarlet Witch and Vision as they live together in some sort of bizarre sitcom with exceptionally dark undertones. The first trailer for the series was revealed in December, and the show looks very good.

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