New Mass Effect Legendary Edition Patch Fixes Overlord DLC Eye Bug
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Mass Effect Legendary Edition‘s latest update has gone live, bringing a number of tweaks and improvements to EA and BioWare’s remastered trilogy. General fixes include resolving some issues that were preventing trophies and achievements from being earned, turning on the lights in some pre-rendered cutscenes, and improved PC performance across various hardware configurations.

For individual games, the fixes range from general housekeeping to some slight rebalancing between sequels. Mass Effect has improved eye animations for male characters in some scenes, the max credits that can be carried over to Mass Effect 2 have been reduced for more balanced early game progression and the audio volume on Mass Relay load screens have been lowered.

Of particular note, the update fixes Mass Effect 2’s unintentional redeye issue from its Overlord DLC as well as an issue in Mass Effect 3 where some key characters weren’t appearing as intended during the Citadel DLC. You can read the full patch notes below, which on PC will be around an 8GB download.

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