Netflix Reveals New Castlevania Anime Show Details
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While chances are we won’t be seeing it soon, Netflix has revealed the first details of its next Castlevania anime series on the final day of Geeked Week. The latest series recently ended after Season 4, but the franchise has plenty of stories to tell.

The show’s creative team–executive producer Kevin Koilde, director Sam Deats, and assistant director Adam Deats–revealed that they are hard at work on the next Castlevania show and that it would be set in 1792 France against the backdrop of the French Revolution.

The Castlevania Universe is getting even bigger.

An all new series starring Richter Belmont (the son of Sypha and Trevor) and Maria Renard, set in France during the French Revolution, is currently in the works. #GeekedWeek

— Netflix Geeked (@NetflixGeeked) June 11, 2021

Unlike the previous Castlevania, this new tale won’t focus on Trevor Belmont. Instead, the main characters will be his son Richter Belmont, along with Maria Renard.

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