More Overwatch 2 News Coming February 2021

Blizzard has gone mostly quiet regarding Overwatch 2 this year, especially with the cancellation of BlizzCon. We know now when we’ll be hearing more from the team, though, as game director Jeff Kaplan outlined upcoming plans in a year-end developer update video.

Kaplan said that we’ll be hearing more details on Overwatch 2 in February at BlizzCon Online. That event was announced as a substitute for the in-person event that was canceled this year, and it only made sense that we’d hear more about Blizzard’s upcoming slate of games and big game updates there.

The developer update also detailed a new free-for-all map, Kanezaka, coming to the original Overwatch, and recapped the game’s updates throughout this year. Kaplan also mentioned that the team is mostly focused on Overwatch 2 right now.

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