Massive The Elder Scrolls Online Blackwood Update Adds Companions, New Chapter
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The Elder Scrolls Online’s much-anticipated Blackwood update is here, and it makes many changes to the MMO, and we’ve got the patch notes. Blackwood is ESO’s latest Chapter, and it costs $40, but it’s also accompanied by Update 30, which is a free patch for the game that adds many other new features.

Blackwood is The Elder Scrolls Online’s latest DLC Chapter, and its biggest shift is the addition of Companions who will fight alongside players, assist with quests, and even tell stories. Blackwood adds a new 12-player Trial to the game, titled Rockgrove, as well as a ton of new item sets, collectibles, and titles for players to collect.

It also obviously adds the Blackwood region itself, which is filled with new content. For example, Blackwood includes two new public dungeons, six world bosses, and six delves. According to Bethesda, these new adventures will take the average player around 30 hours to complete. In addition to Blackwood, Update 30 adds the ability bar timers from the popular PC mod “Action Duration Reminder” to the game, which will give players a better idea of how long their abilities last for.

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