Leaked Ubisoft PvP Game “BattleCat” Combines Splinter Cell, Division, And Ghost Recon – Report
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A new Ubisoft multiplayer PvP game combining multiple Tom Clancy titles named BattleCat has been leaked. As reported by VGC, Twitter user Zer0Bytes put up a series of internal images from the game that have since been deleted, with VGC confirming that the images were real and for the in-development first-person shooter BattleCat coming to consoles and PC.

The game reportedly combines Splinter Cell, Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, and Division games into a single Tom Clancy-inspired PvP shooter. The leaked images included playable characters from Splinter Cell’s Echelon, Breakpoint’s Wolves, and The Divisions Cleaners and Outcasts. Each class would have its own unique regular and ultimate abilities, like the Outcasts’ Divine Intervention, which would prevent nearby friendly players from dying for a short time.

The leak included two game modes: Escort and Ringleader. Escort requires attackers to guide a package to a delivery zone with the defenders trying to stop it, similar to Overwatch‘s Payload game type. Ringleader has players trying to collect rings dropped by defeated players, similar to Call of Duty’s Kill Confirmed mode.

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