Korean MMO Lost Ark To Be Published In The West By Amazon Games
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Lost Ark is coming to the West. During the Summer Game Fest, Amazon Games announced that the Korean MMO Lost Ark will come to North America and Europe in 2021. A closed technical alpha is planned to launch later this summer.

Lost Ark takes place in the fantasy world of Arkesia and features 14 playable classes. The base classes include the Gunner, Marital Artist, Mage, and Assassin. Each of those six main classes can specialize into subclasses, for a total of 14 class types. The announcement also boasts of the “Tripod” skill system, which upgrades more powerful upgrades as you level each specific skill, and loads of loot hidden across main quests, challenge-based Life Skill Dungeons, and resource-rich Treasure Map Dungeons.

As an MMO, you can show off your tastes in a personalized Stronghold, build a settlement, and invite up to 50 guests to hang out. A PvP mode lets you fight against other players, with closed arena Duels for up to three-person teams and an open world PvP to come later this summer.

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