HP E-Series Monitors feature a curved screen, ergonomic setup, eye protection, and more

HP E-Series Monitors

The HP E-Series Monitors come in a collection that features five models: E272q G4, E344c, E243p, E324q, and E27d. Such a large variety lets you select a monitor for business and pleasure because they all offer flexibility and functionality. The HP E-Series Monitors have plenty of high-tech features, including HP Eye Ease. This offers a blue-light filter to protect your eyes from harmful blue lights without reducing color accuracy. In fact, HP also includes a range of work setups with the monitors with expandable stands to create an ergonomic workplace. In particular, they offer 178-degree viewing angles and four-way adjustability. Furthermore, the E-Series provides privacy in open workspaces and deters visual hacking. Finally, the E344c features a curved screen that allows you to scan the display with a wide field of vision.

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