Fortnite: Where To Place Rubber Ducks In Retail Row, Pleasant Park, And Believer Beach
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For many Fortnite players, the best part of any season is the challenges, and for those players, the Fortnite Season 7 challenges kick things off with a bang, including a challenge that demands you place rubber ducks in Retail Row, Pleasant Park, and Believer Beach. Featuring non-repeating Legendary Quests, the weekly challenges are a lot more varied than they have been for a long time. Here’s how to complete this final Legendary Quest for Week 1 and earn yourself another 30,000 XP.

Retail Row Rubber Duck Location

Drop into the basketball court for the first rubber duck.

Before we locate all three of these rubber ducks, it’s worth knowing that their locations can change from round to round, but just barely. If you drop where this guide says to go, you’ll still find the ducks very close nearby if not precisely where we’ve found them. Having said that, let’s take a quack at it.

In Retail Row, you’ll want to drop near the basketball court on the southeast corner of the named location. Sometimes on the court, sometimes next to the nearby house, your first duck will be right in this area.

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