Fortnite UFO Locations: Where To Find Flying Saucers In Season 7
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Fortnite Season 7 has touched down onto our world like the aliens within it have landed on the island, but they aren’t the only ones who get to fly those cool UFOs. If you’re wondering where to find UFOs in Fortnite–or Flying Saucers as they’re officially called–we’ll walk you through just where to look.

Fortnite UFO Locations

The alien invasion was no small feat, and the extraterrestrials are present in large numbers around the island, but some places are easier than others to find UFOs. Your best bet is to head to where you see blue smoke. Similar to how this visual marker was used to spot Stark Robots during the Marvel-heavy Season 4, the blue smoke now indicates where you’ll find a downed UFO.

Take out or sneak past the IO to hijack a UFO.

Be careful though, as it will be guarded by IO foot soldiers, who are as eager to topple the invaders as you are to steal their cool spaceships. The IO guards will fire on sight, so be prepared to take the UFO by force. Once defeated, you can hop into the vehicle and pilot it just like you would any other vehicle in the game. Your squad can fire out of it at enemies, plus you can use the tractor beam to lift objects off the ground–even enemy players and vehicles–as well as use a projectile weapon to fire bursts of energy at what’s in front of you.

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