Fortnite Season 7 Week 1 Challenges
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Fortnite Season 7 has arrived, as you can probably tell from all the aliens running around. As always, a new season means new challenges, and the Fortnite Season 7 Week 1 challenges are already here with the launch of the Invasion season. If you’re looking for a quick boost to your Battle Pass level, here’s the full list of Week 1 challenges in Fortnite.

Week 1 Epic Quests

Collect different weapon types (5) – 30,000 XPSearch chests at Steamy Stacks or Craggy Cliffs (7) – 30,000 XPDeal Damage with Pulse Rifle (500) – 30,000 XPElimination with the Rail Gun (1) – 30,000 XPAccept a quest from a payphone (1) – 30,000 XPUpgrade weapons at upgrade benches (3) – 30,000 XPBuy a shield potion from a Mending Machine (1) – 30,000 XP

Week 1 Legendary Quests

Converse with Sunny, Abstrakt, Dreamflower, Riot or Bushranger (0/3) – 45,000 XPCollect Stone From The Aftermath (0/100) – 30,000 XPCollect 10 different IO tech weapons (0/3) – 30,000 XPInteract with Bunker Jonesy’s conspiracy board (0/1) – 30,000 XPPlace rubber ducks in Retail Row, Pleasant Park and Believer Beach (0/3) – 30,000 XP

As you can see, this week’s Legendary Quests aren’t repetitive as they have been in recent seasons, and instead focus a bit more on story elements surrounding the alien invasion. Some of these challenges are quite simple even if it’s your first time playing on the new map. Collecting five different weapon types, for example, is pretty self-explanatory. We went over some of the new weapons in our Fortnite Season 7 overview.

Get off to a fast start with the Fortnite Season 7 Week 1 challenges.

Steamy Stacks and Craggy Cliffs are just where they were last season, so look to the northeast quadrant of the island for these named locations. The Pulse Rifle can’t be found in any special spot, so if you happen upon one, preferably in Team Rumble where you can respawn, hold onto it and do some damage. The same goes for the Rail Gun. Payphones are scattered all over the map and operate a bit like NPCs, who themselves still roam the island. Pick up any payphone and accept a quest to complete that challenge. Mending Machines are similarly ubiquitous.

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