Fans Wonder if PS4 Pro Has Been Discontinued

End of the line.

Has Sony discontinued its super-charged last-gen console, the PS4 Pro? That’s what fans are pondering, after an update to its official US-based storefront PlayStation Direct included a note next to the out of stock system stating “there are currently no plans to restock this item in the future”. Ahead of the holidays, the PS4 Slim is also out of stock, but there’s no mention of it never being available again.

The move would make sense in the circumstances: coronavirus has heavily impacted manufacturing, and the Japanese giant will be looking to assemble as much next-gen inventory as possible. While the PS4 is clearly not going anywhere and will serve as an entry-level system for the foreseeable future, the PS4 Pro’s position as a premium product has been replaced by the much more powerful PlayStation 5.

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