CoD: Warzone Leakers Reveal Unreleased Ural Mountains Map
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Leakers have released an eight-minute video showing off what appears to be an unreleased Call of Duty battle royale map from Treyarch. The video was tweeted out by the group of Call of Duty leakers known as the Cheezeburgerboyz, and the footage gives a full tour of the previously leaked Ural Mountains map that was said to be designed for either a follow up to Black Ops 4’s Blackout or a new Warzone map. We’ve had partial map images and images leak prior to Black Ops Cold War‘s integration into Warzone, but this is the first full video to surface.

The video shows a player running across the map, and they periodically show the overhead view of the full Ural Mountains map. The footage shows perks and ground loot scavenging that is very similar to how it worked in Blackout.

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