Christmas 2020 Gift Guide

Another year, another Christmas gift guide. I suppose it gives us something to look forward to after the atrocious year of lockdowns, isolations and the dreaded COVID-19. Unfortunately for some, including myself, Christmas with the family looks like it might not happen, and in my case at least, we’re having to split up family members, to keep to the rules the British government have put in place. But this doesn’t mean you can’t send gifts does it! And for this reason, we’ve collected a bunch of stuff below, that could definitely make Christmas, a special one this year.

Thumbs Up Vlogging Light

For all the families with budding TikTok stars in the house, why not treat them to this little selfie/vlogging light! It’s bright, and will add some flare to your social media videos. It costs £19.99 and is available on ASOS.

NASA Universe Puzzles

Why not do a puzzle this year? It’s already going to be a quiet one, so challenge yourself with a puzzle of space! They consist of 1000 pieces, and will definitely be a challenge to put together. The puzzles cost £14.99 and can be found on ThumbsUp.

Ember Self Heating Travel Mug and Cup

Ember create these awesome self heating cups, that keep your hot drinks warm, for ages after making them, making them the ideal commuter’s tool. The Ember Travel Mug costs £179.95 while the Ember Ceramic Mug costs £99.95 for 10oz or £139.95 for 14oz.

PhoneTag Multi-View Phone Stand

For people with larger than standard phones, like me with my Pixel 4 XL, the PhoneTag has been a lifesaver. With an adheisive 3M pad, the PhoneTag sticks to the back of your phone or phonecase, enabling users to hold their phones easier and also use it as a stand when watching content. It costs £12 on Amazon, and be a great stocking filler for anyone who loves their phone.

Divoom Ditoo Portable Speaker

We’ve tried and tested the Ditoo out and we can assure you, it will bring plenty of fun on Christmas day. The Ditoo is a portable speaker, which sounds pretty good, so it will fill your home with those cheesy Christmas songs, all day long. Not only that, the Ditoo comes with a small screen and keyboard too. This allows you to play some classic video games, such as Tetris, Ping Pong and Snake. Get the free companion app and the fun continues, while you create your own gifs, to display on the screen. Grab one now, for less than £70 on Amazon.


Ooni Koda Pizza Oven

We are a nation that loves pizza and sure, Papa Johns or Dominoes are great BUT you can’t beat a homemade, traditional Margherita pizza. No longer do you need to cook in the oven, no no, it’s time to upgrade to a wood or gas-fired pizza oven from Ooni. The Ooni Koda can reach 500C in 15 minutes, meaning it will cook your pizza in 60 seconds, 60! You’ll get a lovely crusty based, with soft, oozy toppings. We’ve got an older model from Ooni and it’s been used so regularly and would highly recommend. Depending on the fuel, the Koda starts from £229 and can be purchase directly from Ooni.

Oblio Wireless Charger & UV Cleaner

Guess what, there is a virus going around called Rona, or something along those lines. Washing our hands and using hand sanitizer has become a daily retune for pretty much the entire planet but what about the things we touch, our smartphones that we will have in our hands for most of the day. Well, this handy little piece of tech is a 2in1 wireless charging point and UV cleaner, which will help get rid of any of that nasty Rona bug off your smartphone. The Oblio wireless charge and UV cleaner is available now for £79.99 via Amazon.

Nanoleaf Light Panels

The Nanoleaf products can be found in many, many home offices, studios, and games rooms across the world, and why? They look the bomb, they’re versatile and they’re easy to install. They now offer a variety of shapes and sizes to their light panel range, mix, and match, link them together, with endless opportunities. They also offer lamps and LED strip lights too. They’re not cheap but start small with a bundle pack and work your way up to a masterpiece. You can find out more on the official Nanoleaf website.

TCL 10L Smartphone

It’s been a difficult year, and we’ve become so much more reliant on our mobile devices to stay in touch with friends and loved ones. And for those older generation folks, mobile phones are seemingly unaccesible. Not any more. Check out the TCL 10L, a budget handset with a huge array of features! You can find them online from around £149, which for a smartphone in this day and age, is a bit of a bargain.

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