Bravely Default 2: Final Demo Is Available Now For Free On Switch

Bravely Default II has received a second–and final–demo, allowing players interested in the RPG sequel to check it out ahead of the Switch title’s 2021 release. The demo is available now on the Eshop through the game’s store page.

The Bravely Default II final demo features the game’s four main characters some way into their adventure, meaning that many of the systems introduced early in the game are available to demo players from the start. Jobs and Abilities can be used and swapped, for instance.

Players who download the demo ahead of the game’s launch will also be able to nab 100 My Nintendo Platinum Points, which can be redeemed for rewards through the My Nintendo portal.

The demo weighs in at 3.3GB. The game releases on February 26, 2021, and is available to preorder now.

Bravely Default II is, somewhat confusingly, the third game in the Bravely series. The original Bravely Default on 3DS was followed by a direct sequel, Bravely Second. This Switch game has a new cast of characters and setting, though.

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