Best Podcasts For Meditation At Home

The world today is a very chaotic place to be in. It is very common to suffer from stress and anxiety because of all this chaos and sometimes it might seem like there is no way to get out of all this. 

However, people seem to have found a solution to get out of all this chaos by meditating. Several research studies have suggested that meditating daily for just 10 or 15 minutes can have a significant impact on your brain’s functioning by helping you calm down.

If you are a beginner or you want to try meditation but you have no idea on how to get started, meditation podcasts can be of great help to you because of the following reasons:

  1. They will help you learn the basics of meditation. 
  2. These meditation podcasts are hosted by experts who have years of guiding others. 
  3. They cost absolutely nothing. All you need to have an active internet connection and a pair of headphones. 

Best Meditation Podcasts in 2020

However, these days there are thousands of Meditation Podcasts that claim themselves to be the best. Thus it is very common to get confused when you so many options to choose from and this is why in this post we will be talking about top meditation Podcasts in 2020. 

  1. Wake Me Up

Does it not often happen that when you start your day on a good note, you remain in a better mood your entire day. Well, Wake Me Up is a Meditation Podcast that aims at doing exactly that. 

This podcast will motivate you to get up early in the morning and the host Tyler Brown would teach you several routines that you can follow to start your day full of energy and in the best possible way. 

  1. The Meditation Podcast

The Meditation Podcast was started back in 2006 and it is one of the most popular and oldest Meditation Podcasts of all time. 

The hosts of this Podcast have been guiding others for over 30 years now. 

One of the most unique parts of this Podcast is that each Podcast consists of several Binaural Beats which have been created in such a way that they will help you relax. 

However, make sure that you always wear headphones while listening to this Podcast because these Binaural Beats work best only with Headphones. 

  1. The OneMind Podcast

The OneMind Podcast is possibly one of the best Meditation Podcasts for beginners as of now. 

It is hosted by Morgan Dix who happens to be a Meditation Guru and a Yoga Teacher. 

Not only does he teach you various meditation techniques but he also helps you resolve issues going on in your Personal and Professional life. 

Listening to this podcast the first thing in the morning can really help you remain calm and at peace for the entire day. 

  1. Meditation Minis

Meditation Minis is one of the best Podcasts for those people who do not have a lot of time in the morning for meditation. 

It is so because each session is less than 10 minutes long which would definitely help you calm yourself and be less anxious for the rest of your day. 

It is hosted by Chel Hamilton who also happens to be a Hypnotherapist. The host uses a wide variety of meditation techniques which are very simple to follow. 

  1. The Joy Factor

The Joy Factor is a very innovative Podcast which is hosted by Julia Hanson who happens to be a Life Coach, a Yoga Teacher, and a Therapist. 

Not only does the host teach you various Meditation techniques but she also addresses a different topic in each podcast and also invites an Expert to help you provide more insight on that topic. 

  1. The Daily Meditation Podcast

If you are a beginner and you have no idea how to start your meditation journey, this Daily Meditation Podcast should exactly be the Podcast you should try at least once. 

This podcast lasts only for about 15 minutes but the host Mary Meckley teaches you new techniques every day in a very simple way which will really help you a lot in relaxing. 

You will also learn how your breathing changes according to different scenarios and how having control over your breathing can help you relax no matter what the situation is. 

  1. 10% Happier

10 % Happier is one of the best Meditation Podcasts currently which is hosted by Dan Harris who happens to be a “New York Times” best-selling author and he has also written a book which goes by the same name. 

In this podcast, he explains various meditation techniques very clearly so that it can be helpful for complete beginners as well. 

Not only that, but Dan Harris also invites other guests to like well-known Meditation teachers who will provide you a detailed insight into various aspects of life. 

  1. Tara Brach Mindfulness Meditation:

Tara Brach is a very popular Meditation Teacher who hosts this Meditation to heal individuals both spiritually and emotionally. 

She uses a blend of Eastern Meditation Practices and Western Psychology Techniques to educate you about various meditation techniques used in Buddhism. 

  1. Peace Out Podcast

Peace Out Podcast has been created especially for kids who want to try meditation. 

This Podcast has been designed specifically for Kids and the host uses different storytelling techniques to teach children different techniques for controlling their breathing patterns and also helps them in relaxing. 

  1. The Sleep Whispers

The Sleep Whispers is a podcast that has been designed especially for people who find it difficult to sleep. 

Each Podcast lasts for about 30 to 40 minutes and it has will help you get better sleep each time. 

This Podcast consists of various meditation techniques and a lot of interesting stories that will help you relax and sleep properly. 

  1. Happy Mind Podcast

Happy Mind Podcast is a great podcast if you want to escape from the daily troubles of life. 

Each session consists of a wide variety of meditation techniques that will provide you with the energy to combat all these life struggles. 

One of the best parts about this Podcast is that it is suitable for beginners as well as experts. 

Final Words:

Anyone who says that you cannot meditate and perform your daily tasks simultaneously hasn’t heard about Meditation Podcasts. 

These Podcasts have been designed by experts with years of meditating experience and will help you calm down and relax. 

All these Podcasts are the best in their own ways and it would be really difficult to select a winner amongst them.

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