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Best Fitness Tracker For Women

Fitness is always an important concern for every age of the group. Most of the time we don’t have time to do our daily workout due to a busy schedule, or work. So, in that case, a smart fitness tracker can help you a lot. A fitness tracker will keep the record all of your daily activity and let you know how much you have walked, burn calories, and Heart rate etc. In that way, you can stay fit while you are working or traveling.

But the question is which fitness or activity tracker is best for you because there are a lot of them. The company like Fitbit, Garmin, Samsung, and Polar any many others are made the best fitness tracker but they have a lot of them. And each and every tracker have some unique feature. Now the question is which one is the best fitness tracker? So that’s why we have brought some of the best fitness trackers for women.

Best Fitness Tracker For Women


S.No. Product Price
1. Fitbit Charge 2
2. Garmin Vivofit 3
3. Jawbone UP3
4. Fitbit Alta HR
5. Fitbit Charge HR
6. Garmin vívoactive
7. Garmin Vivofit 2
8 Fitbit One
9 Fitbit Blaze

Fitbit Charge 2

Fitbit is one of the pioneers when it comes to fitness products and their fitness trackers are rated amongst the top. Fitbit Charge 2 is no exception. The Fitbit Charge 2 comes with a heart rate monitor with PurePulse continuous, which helps in automatically reading your heart rate all day long and there also is automatic sleep tracking, both of which helps to better calculate the calories you burn.

The Fitbit Charge 2 is a device that is specially designed to be worn all day long, not just for fitness purposes but while your regular routine as well. The OLED display is quite large in size and helps a lot in getting notified about calls, texts, alerts and calendar events. The device also offers timely reminders to stay active and move and also helps users stay calm with breathing sessions.Fitbit Charge 2 fitness tracker With support for almost every Android, iOS, and Windows devices out there and a battery life that can last a maximum of 5 days in a single charge, the Fitbit Charge 2 is indeed a great fitness band offering.

The Fitbit Charge 2 is available in three sizes: Small, Large, and X-Large. Also, there are 6 color variants to choose from, Black, Blue, Plum, Teal, Special Edition Lavender Rose Gold, and Special Edition Gunmetal.

Garmin Vivofit 3   Fitness Trackers For Women 

It is not an attractive fitness tracker but looking at the features and performance it does have a lot of them. The Garmin Vivofit 3 has plenty of features to offer you like a Step Counter, calories meter, Sleep tracking, Heart rate tracker, and one of the most interesting features of the band is Move IQ. The Move IQ automatically detects the activity whether you have selected it or not. The Garmin Vivofit 3 has the Move IQ so it detected activities like biking, running, swimming, walking, and sync the data with App.garmin-vivofit-3 best fitness tracker

The Vivofit 3 has a tiny display which shows the notification like calling, messages and others. Like Fitbit charge 2 you can not change the strap, but you can buy this watch in different colors. There are 3 sizes are also available as Regular, Regular Fit, and Extra Large. Talking about the price the Vivofit 3 is just only $57, which is really cheap. This is one of the best fitness trackers at $100.

Jawbone UP3  Best Activity Tracker for Women 

The Jawbone UP3 is one of the most attractive and fashionable activity trackers out in the market. The design of the band is very simple which makes it more attractive. If you look at a glance it doesn’t like a fitness tracker but not judge by its look. The Jawbone UP3 has a lot of features like Step Counter, Calories, Distance, idle alert, smart alarm, and so on. The band gets automatically get connected with your smartphone all you have to do is open the app and it detects the device and gets connected. The band has an LED light on it also which will blink and let you know about the notifications.jawbone-up3 There is no display on the band so you won’t be able to see who’s calling you or how many steps you have taken. So every time you want to see your data access your phone and open the app. The tracker has 7 days of battery life and it comes in many colors. Under the price of $100, Jawbone UP3 is the best activity tracker you can get, which is fashionable also.

Fitbit Alta HR

The Fitbit Charge HR is a performance-oriented fitness tracker for women that have some really useful features like continuous and automatic activity and heart rate tracking which can offer pretty accurate calorie burn count to the users.

You can also set training time in the Fitbit Charge HR and check if your target is being reached. The display, even though small in comparison to the Fitbit Charge 2 listed above, offers a quick glance of Caller ID and can also display time of the day and other details like steps, and distance covered.Fitbit Alta HR The Fitbit Charge HR is available in two sizes: Small, and Large. There are a variety of color options to choose from, Black, Blue, Grape, Plum, Pink, Tangerine, and Teal.


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Fitbit Charge HR

If you are looking at minimal design and great functionality then Charge HR is the best for you. The Fitbit Charge HR has a very small display which shows all the notifications and other details like steps, Heart Rate Counter, Calories burn, and other things. The band performs all the function which others can and it has SmartTrack, for automatically record and select exercises for you.Fitbit ChargeHR

The activity tracker is also waterproof so you don’t have to take it off while swimming or gym. But don’t take it too deep into the water otherwise you have to buy a new one for yourself. It offers 5 days of battery backup which is quite nice. There are many color variants of this band so you can choose the band in your best color. Talking about price is near about $100. But if you go with the stock color then you can get this tracker for around $80.

Garmin vívoactive  Best Fitness Tracker For Swimming 

The Garmin Vivoactive is not a fitness tracker, it a fitness watch cum tracker. The watch comes in two variants one without a Heart Rate sensor another is with a heart rate sensor. There is not much difference in price only $20 for the Heart rate sensor which is worth it as well. The watch has a 28.6 x 20.7 mm of IPS display. The Garmin vivoactive has a lot of features like Bike, Run, swim, walk, and Golf. The watch also has a GPS so you can always find your device if you lost it or forget it somewhere.Garmin vívoactive You can customize your watch according to you with free watch face designs, widgets, and apps from the Connect IQ store. You can also select which notification you want to see on your watch face. One of the most interesting features of the watch is, you can control your music system and action camera with it. All you have to connect this with the watch and it’s done. There is no doubt that this vivoactive has a lot of function for you at the price of $117. The other variant that has a heart rate tracker will cost you around $137.

Garmin Vivofit 2

The Garmin Vivofit 2 fitness tracker for women comes with an amazing battery life of over a year on a single charge. Not just battery life, but the Garmin Vivofit fitness tracker is awesome in terms of features as well. For starters, the fitness band is water-resistant and has a display that is easy to read.garmin-vivofit 2-best-fitness-band There is a red move bar displayed on the display when the user is inactive for over an hour and lights are displayed to alert the user to move after every 15 minutes of being inactive. The tracker also automatically learns your activity patterns and assigns you with activities each morning that are personalized according to your activity schedule.

There is a special sleep mode that can be set ON manually when going to sleep in order to better track your sleep quality.

The Garmin Vivofit is available solo or can be bought as a bundle that will also have a pair of Jabra Bluetooth headphones.

Fitbit One  Best Wireless Fitness Tracker 

The Fitbit One is another great fitness tracker that can track your steps, calories, distance covered, and even the stairs climbed. The Fitbit One has a very user-friendly design and the display is large, bright and can display all the important and useful information required like the time, steps walked, calories burnt, distance covered, and more. If you are not comfortable by wearing it on your wrist then you can just keep in your pocket as well.Fitbit_One It also supports Silent Alarms, which gently vibrates your wrist when the alarm time is up and wakes you up peacefully from your sleep. It can easily pair with any device using Bluetooth and features Bluetooth 4.0 for connectivity. The Fitbit One also offers a really impressive battery life of up to 14 days on a single charge. It is also available in three colors: Dark Gray, Burgundy, and Black.

Fitbit Blaze

Last but certainly not least, we have the Fitbit Blaze fitness tracker, which is again a strong contender among the best fitness tracker for women. The Fitbit Blaze has a very large display that can give ample details on your heart rate and calories and can also give additional information on calls, texts, and reminders.Fitbit Blaze

The Fitbit Blaze has a multi-sport tracking feature that automatically tracks all your sports activities and categorizes them as cardio, biking, cross-training, and more. The device can also stay connected with your phone to provide GPS map data while running.

You can also start a FitStar workout on your tracker and get step-by-step instructions on how to complete the workout.

The Fitbit Blaze can stay up to 5 days within a single charge. The Fitbit Blaze tracker is available in two sizes: Small, and Large. There are also 5 color variants to choose from, Gun Metal, Black/Silver, Blue/Silver, Plum/Silver, and Black.

Over To You

Hope this list of the best fitness tracker for women was interesting for you. If your favorite fitness tracker is missing from this list, do leave a comment below mentioning the fitness tracker you use and why you like it.

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