Bayonetta 3: What We Want At E3 2021
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Bayonetta 3 highly anticipated heading into E3 201, as it was first announced as a Nintendo Switch exclusive back at The Game Awards 2017 more than three years ago, and since then, we’ve received ports of the first two games for Switch but basically no news on Bayonetta’s long-awaited third game. Platinum Games has confirmed it’s still in development, but much like Metroid Prime 4, the Nintendo Switch game remains a complete mystery. That’s why we’re crossing our fingers for a big re-reveal at E3 2021 during the Nintendo Direct presentation, and here’s what we hope to see from the game.

What We Know So Far

It’s the next Bayonetta game. It’s called Bayonetta 3!

Beyond that, we know basically nothing about Bayonetta 3. It’s coming to Nintendo Switch, following the ports of both previous Bayonetta games, and it’s still developed by Platinum Games and published by Nintendo. On the game’s official website, it’s described as “Climax Action,” which certainly sounds like the over-the-top gameplay we’ve come to expect from the series.

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